Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery)



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BULLOCK, Homer Alvin  8 Apr 1894Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I168
2 REYNOLDS, Lewellen W.  Abt 4 Feb 1895Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I1431
3 REYNOLDS, Eva Maud  2 Sep 1898Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I1246
4 SALLS, Franklin Benjamin  Abt 12 Feb 1900Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I1952
5 BULLOCK, Carrie Ella  Abt 20 Mar 1902Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I157
6 WAIT, Emily Almeda  21 Aug 1903Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I144
7 WAIT, Phoebe Melissa  4 Nov 1906Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I251
8 REYNOLDS, John Cecil  Abt 20 Oct 1907Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I1260
9 BULLOCK, James Owen  10 Mar 1908Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I124
10 LEE, Laura Ann  8 Mar 1912Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I122
11 BULLOCK, Benjamin B.  17 Feb 1913Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I132
12 LA TOUCHE, Eliza Louisa  3 Jan 1915Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I133
13 BULLOCK, Mildred Louise  9 Nov 1915Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I1284
14 MCGREGOR, Lovisa Ann  4 Sep 1918Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I137
15 REYNOLDS, George Lewis (Bullock)  26 May 1919Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I136
16 BULLOCK, William Charles  26 Jun 1922Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I1277
17 REED, Ernest Allen  Abt 1 May 1937Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I877
18 BULLOCK, Raymond Reginald  Abt 4 Sep 1944Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I601
19 HASELTON, Aramenta Rosella  27 Aug 1947Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I1279
20 BULLOCK, Warren Benjamin  16 Oct 1948Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I149
21 REDIKER, Almira “Myra” Eva  21 Aug 1949Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I150
22 BULLIS, Myrtie May  Abt 23 Feb 1950Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I1243
23 BULLOCK, Edith Elizabeth  Abt 19 Aug 1952Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I92
24 SOUTIERE, Arthur Joseph  11 Aug 1956Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I175
25 REYNOLDS, Morillo Charles  Abt 8 Jun 1958Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I1240
26 BLAKE, Alfred Homer  19 Jun 1960Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I167
27 MORSE, Capitola Marion  31 Mar 1961Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I173
28 BULLOCK, Wright Warren  1 Nov 1961Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I172
29 KENISTON, Earl Vincent  Abt 25 Dec 1962Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I1288
30 BULLOCK, Douglas Wray  Abt 2 Jul 1963Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I777
31 BULLOCK, Milton Allen  15 Oct 1964Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I176
32 BULLOCK, Gordon Owen  1 Nov 1969Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I171
33 BULLOCK, Kathleen Maud  Abt 25 Jul 1973Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I1286
34 REYNOLDS, Maude Irene  Abt 8 Dec 1973Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I1259
35 BULLOCK, Mavis Emily  Abt 27 Dec 1973Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I174
36 BULLOCK, Gerald James  Abt Dec 1975Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I169
37 SOUTIERE, Warren Arthur  Abt 24 Jan 1978Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I896
38 BLAIR, Goldie May  8 Jun 1978Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I170
39 BULLOCK, Freida Mildred  26 Oct 1979Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I180
40 WALKER, Tressa Jane  9 Jun 1981Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I197
41 BULLOCK, Goldie Washington  25 May 1982Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I166
42 REYNOLDS, Douglas Waldo  Abt 22 Mar 1984Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I1266
43 LAMOTTE, Freda Exina Marie  Abt 14 Aug 1985Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I556
44 BULLOCK, Alfred Wesley  Abt 7 May 1986Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I697
45 BULLOCK, Charles William  10 Oct 1987Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I1289
46 BULLOCK, Almond Errol  27 May 1989Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I555
47 BULLOCK, Leslie Henry  1 Jun 1992Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I179
48 BENNETT, Janice Nellie  Abt 21 Jan 1998Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I897
49 BACON, Madelyn Beatrice  Abt 26 Jan 2001Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I1322
50 SOUTIERE, Audrey Evelyn  Abt 29 Oct 2003Marlington, Stanstead, QC (Marlington Cemetery) I72

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