The Genealogy Of
 Benjamin Bullock

Sutton, Brome, QC (Fairmont Cemetery)



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bullock, Jane Amelia  Abt 8 Aug 1906Sutton, Brome, QC (Fairmont Cemetery) I987
2 Bullock, Leonard  10 May 1909Sutton, Brome, QC (Fairmont Cemetery) I127
3 Bullock, Lois Lovrania  Abt 21 Jan 1934Sutton, Brome, QC (Fairmont Cemetery) I241
4 Bullock, Oella Eureka  18 Dec 1880Sutton, Brome, QC (Fairmont Cemetery) I1178
5 Hurlbut, Hiram Josiah  5 Jul 1929Sutton, Brome, QC (Fairmont Cemetery) I1181
6 Kelley, Zermiah  25 Sep 1900Sutton, Brome, QC (Fairmont Cemetery) I128
7 Longeway, John James  Abt 9 Jan 1950Sutton, Brome, QC (Fairmont Cemetery) I1199
8 Stickney, Ephraim Meritt  28 Mar 1880Sutton, Brome, QC (Fairmont Cemetery) I1179