The Genealogy Of
 Benjamin Bullock

Cedarville, Stanstead, QC



Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bullock, Albert George  6 Aug 1866Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I155
2 Bullock, Carrie Ella  26 Jun 1872Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I157
3 Bullock, Effie Phoebe  26 Nov 1863Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I153
4 Bullock, Gladys Lily  25 Jul 1881Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I161
5 Bullock, Irene Adella  23 Sep 1893Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I281
6 Bullock, Mary Leafie  29 Dec 1873Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I159
7 Campbell, Byron James Allan  3 Sep 1884Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I276
8 Campbell, Wallace Waldermer (Ford)  8 Sep 1886Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I277
9 Hall, Elizabeth  Abt 1866Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I163
10 Reynolds, Beatrice Anita  19 Dec 1909Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I1262
11 Reynolds, Douglas Waldo  13 Jan 1903Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I1266
12 Reynolds, John Cecil  5 Oct 1907Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I1260
13 Reynolds, Maude Irene  16 Sep 1905Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I1259
14 Reynolds, Ruby Leona  25 May 1899Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I1257