The Genealogy Of
 Benjamin Bullock

Cedarville, Stanstead, QC



Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bullock, Effie Phoebe  26 Nov 1863Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I153
2 Hall, Elizabeth  Abt 1866Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I163
3 Bullock, Albert George  6 Aug 1866Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I155
4 Bullock, Carrie Ella  26 Jun 1872Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I157
5 Bullock, Mary Leafie  29 Dec 1873Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I159
6 Bullock, Gladys Lily  25 Jul 1881Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I161
7 Campbell, Byron James Allan  3 Sep 1884Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I276
8 Campbell, Wallace Waldermer (Ford)  8 Sep 1886Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I277
9 Bullock, Irene Adella  23 Sep 1893Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I281
10 Reynolds, Ruby Leona  25 May 1899Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I1257
11 Reynolds, Douglas Waldo  13 Jan 1903Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I1266
12 Reynolds, Maude Irene  16 Sep 1905Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I1259
13 Reynolds, John Cecil  5 Oct 1907Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I1260
14 Reynolds, Beatrice Anita  19 Dec 1909Cedarville, Stanstead, QC I1262