The Genealogy Of
 Benjamin Bullock

Graniteville, Stanstead, QC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BACON, Madelyn Beatrice  6 Jan 1908Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I1322
2 BULLOCK, Beatrice Marion  7 Jul 1912Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I183
3 BULLOCK, Freida Mildred  26 Jun 1914Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I180
4 BULLOCK, Leslie Henry  12 Jul 1914Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I179
5 BULLOCK, Maynard Daniel  3 Aug 1883Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I1282
6 BULLOCK, Stewart Lee  15 Sep 1910Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I185
7 KENISTON, Earl Vincent  31 Oct 1894Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I1288
8 LAMOTTE, Freda Exina Marie  4 Feb 1899Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I556
9 REDIKER, Almira “Myra” Eva  18 May 1856Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I150
10 REED, Howard Allen  23 Jan 1904Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I1275
11 REED, Lyell Reynolds  25 Jun 1906Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I184
12 REED, Roy Marvin  3 Jun 1874Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I165
13 REED, Willard Roy  22 Mar 1909Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I1276
14 REYNOLDS, Harry Darcy  27 Nov 1890Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I1252
15 REYNOLDS, Pearl Lovisa  28 Nov 1901Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I1263
16 REYNOLDS, Worthington James  30 Sep 1889Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I1250


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BULLOCK, Benjamin B.  15 Feb 1913Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I132
2 BULLOCK, Freida Mildred  23 Oct 1979Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I180
3 BULLOCK, Gordon Owen  30 Oct 1969Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I171
4 BULLOCK, William Charles  24 Jun 1922Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I1277
5 La TOUCHE, Eliza Louisa  1 Jan 1915Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I133
6 REYNOLDS, Gracie May  30 Apr 1912Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I1241
7 REYNOLDS, John Cecil  20 Oct 1907Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I1260
8 REYNOLDS, Morillo Charles  8 Jun 1958Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I1240
9 SALLS, Franklin Benjamin  12 Feb 1900Graniteville, Stanstead, QC I1952


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLAKE / BULLOCK  21 Jul 1905Graniteville, Stanstead, QC F83