Marlington, Stanstead, QC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BULLOCK, Alfred Wesley  23 Oct 1907Marlington, Stanstead, QC I697
2 BULLOCK, Almond Errol  19 Feb 1901Marlington, Stanstead, QC I555
3 BULLOCK, Doris Mae  27 Dec 1909Marlington, Stanstead, QC I698
4 BULLOCK, Douglas Wray  13 Jul 1912Marlington, Stanstead, QC I777
5 BULLOCK, Gerald James  5 Jun 1884Marlington, Stanstead, QC I169
6 BULLOCK, Gertrude Mabel  5 Jan 1905Marlington, Stanstead, QC I609
7 BULLOCK, Gordon Owen  5 Jun 1884Marlington, Stanstead, QC I171
8 BULLOCK, Harold Wells  13 Oct 1911Marlington, Stanstead, QC I759
9 BULLOCK, Helene Mildred  6 Jan 1914Marlington, Stanstead, QC I783
10 BULLOCK, Homer Alvin  22 Nov 1880Marlington, Stanstead, QC I168
11 BULLOCK, Marion Grace  18 Feb 1918Marlington, Stanstead, QC I798
12 BULLOCK, Raymond Reginald  12 Mar 1903Marlington, Stanstead, QC I601
13 BULLOCK, Wright Warren  12 Jun 1889Marlington, Stanstead, QC I172
14 REED, Ernest Allen  1 May 1937Marlington, Stanstead, QC I877
15 SOUTIERE, Laurel Jeanne  27 Mar 1928Marlington, Stanstead, QC I948


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BENNETT, Janice Nellie  21 Jan 1998Marlington, Stanstead, QC I897
2 BULLOCK, Carrie Ella  20 Mar 1902Marlington, Stanstead, QC I157
3 BULLOCK, Gerald James  10 Dec 1975Marlington, Stanstead, QC I169
4 BULLOCK, Milton Allen  12 Oct 1964Marlington, Stanstead, QC I176
5 BULLOCK, Warren Benjamin  13 Oct 1948Marlington, Stanstead, QC I149
6 HALL, Elizabeth  21 Dec 1890Marlington, Stanstead, QC I163
7 LAMOTTE, Freda Exina Marie  14 Aug 1985Marlington, Stanstead, QC I556
8 PARRISH, John Roy  28 Jan 1999Marlington, Stanstead, QC I73
9 REED, Ernest Allen  1 May 1937Marlington, Stanstead, QC I877
10 REYNOLDS, Eva Maud  31 Aug 1898Marlington, Stanstead, QC I1246
11 SOUTIERE, Warren Arthur  24 Jan 1978Marlington, Stanstead, QC I896
12 WAIT, Phoebe Melissa  2 Nov 1906Marlington, Stanstead, QC I251