The Story of My Bullock Extended Family


This website is devoted to my Bullock, Dallas, Landry & Monette ancestral lines. I have been doing genealogical research for more than twenty years. My father was a Bullock and my mother a Landry. My maternal grandparents were respectively Dallas and Monette.

Up until now, my research has focussed on my Bullock line with an emphasis on my earliest Bullock ancestor, Benjamin. I have now shifted this emphasis to provide information on all my main ancestral lines i.e, Bullock, Dallas, Landry & Monette. In view of my early research, much of the information on this site will be about my Bullock ancestors and to a lesser extent about my three other ancestral families. Over time, I hope to attain a greater balance in what is available on each family.

St. George

St. George Episcopal Church
The earliest church in the Manors which played a big role in the lives of our ancestors.

Purpose Of The Website

The purpose of the website is two-fold.

  1. First, it is intended to share what we know about our family with anyone who might be interested.
  2. We also hope that visitors who may have information about our family will contact us to share their information. Use the Contact Us link on this page to send us any information or to ask any questions you may have.

The website will be updated regularly to reflect any changes. With your help, we can compile a more complete picture of our Bullock, Dallas, Landry & Monette extended families.

Accuracy Of The Information

Every effort has been made to provide accurate data which can be documented. Sources are provided. Undoubtedly, despite our best efforts, some of the information in the database may be inaccurate. Before using any of this data, you should do your own due diligence. Should you see incorrect or missing information or if inappropriate information is displayed, please contact me and it will be corrected. Please let me know if you find any broken links

The Bullock Crest Shown On This Site

A coat of arms is granted to an individual and passed down the family line through a male heir. Without being able trace our Bullock ancestry back much further, it is really not possible to determine if our family has a family crest. The coat-of-arms shown on this site is that of Robert Bullock, sheriff for Berkshire and Oxfordshire. It was taken from a column titled Your Family Origin by Reg Willis, Heraldic Artist. Copyright © Reg Willis. The source is unknown.

Continued in column 2...

Family Links

Access the article Bullock Family Pages: My Bullock ancestry traces back to Benjamin Bullock who lived in Noyan in the Missisquoi Bay area south of Montreal in the early 1800's. He was married twice: first to Hannah Danford and subsequently to Phebe Lewis. My main research efforts have been focussed on breaking though a brickwall to determine where he came from before he arrived in Noyan. The database includes all Benjamin's descendants.

Access the article Dallas Family Pages: My Dallas family can be traced back to Robert Dallas born in Middlesex, London England. The database includes my direct line back to Robert. It will also include all descendants from my great-grandfather, George Albert Frederick Dallas who was born in England but who came to Canada and lived in Montreal, QC. He married Catherine Revell in Montréal, QC.

Access the article Landry Family Pages: My Landry roots trace back to Mathurin Landry born in Neuilly-sur-Eure, Perche, (Orne), France. His son Guillaume came to Canada and married Gabrielle Barré. The family lived on l'Ile d'Orléans near Quebec City. The database includes my direct line back to Mathurin. It will also include all descendants from my great-grandfather, Théodule Landry who moved from Ste. Scholastique, Deux-Montagnes, QC to Ottawa, ON. He married Eliza Gauvreau in Ottawa, ON.

Access the article Monette Family Pages: My Monette roots trace back to Michel Monette who was born in St. Hilaire de Dampierre-sur-Boutonne, France about 1615. His son Jean came to Montreal and married Thérèse Glory. The database includes my direct line back to Michel. It will also include all descendants from Onésime Monette who lived in Montréal where he married Hectorine Bourgouin, The family moved from Montréal to Ottawa, ON.

Access the article The Families of Caldwell & Christie Manors: A database showing all the families living in Caldwell and Christie Manors in the 1800s where my Bullock family settled in the early 1800s.

Privacy Guidelines

The privacy of individuals is of paramount importance. Persons who are still alive will be shown as (Private). Some of the most recent generations will not be shown at all. If you see a living person included on the site, please let me know and I will remove that name.

A log-in account is not required to browse the records.

Using This Data

It has taken many years of research to assemble the information in this database. If you publish any of the data found here in a document or online, please credit this website by citing the website's name and url alongside the information you use.

Acknowledgements & Thanks

  • To my Aunt Betty Collier (née Bullock), who passed away in 1997, for all her work over many years in getting this research started.
  • To Carolyn Parent in Stanstead, who is also part of our Bullock family, and has been an invaluable resource and colleague in this endeavour.
  • To Enid Reed Elliott from whose book, The Genealogy of the James Owen Bullock Family, much of the information on the James Owen branch was derived.
  • To Dan Landry, an Ottawa friend & colleague, who has has worked with me for the last twenty plus years researching our common Landry roots.
  • To Alan Craxton, a fellow genealogist & TNG program user, for sharing so freely of his time & knowledge helping me with the html coding required to build the many pages on the site.
  • To all of the relatives too numerous to mention who have shared information with me.
  • Last, but not least, thank you to my genealogy colleagues who reviewed this site for me to correct errors and to let me know of any entries which should be reviewed.

Bob Bullock, gggg-grandson of Benjamin Bullock

Contact Us

email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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