Benjamin Bullock's Family: With Phebe Lewis (abt 1827 – 1846)

Benjamin's Family With Phebe Lewis

After Hannah Danford passed away in 1826, Benjamin remarried in late 1827 to Phebe Lewis This summary gives a short synopsis of where Benjamin's children & grandchildren from this family went. Let us look at his family of eight children with Phebe Lewis. The history of this second family has some unusual aspects.

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8. James Owen Bullock & Emily Almeda Wait

James Owen was the first child born to Benjamin's second wife, Phebe. Phebe died three years after her husband, Benjamin, in 1848. James Owen was 21 years old at the time of his mother's death. He married Emily Almeda Wait in Clarenceville in 1851 and had two children there before moving on to Stanstead County.

James Owen Bullock

The headstone for James Owen Bullock and Emily Almeda Wait in Marlington Cemetery, Marlington, QC. Source: Findagrave Memorial# 54133531

In Stanstead County, James Owen & Emily had seven more children, making this one of the larger branches of Benjamin's children. Following Emily's death in 1903, James Owen married Phoebe Melissa Wait, a younger sister of Emily's. They both passed away a few years following their 1904 marriage

According to Enid Reed Elliott in her book, "The Genealogy of the James Owen Bullock Family", James Owen moved his family to Stanstead County in the spring of 1860. This journey took place in winter with the family in sleds having to cross the frozen waters of Lake Memphramagog to reach their new home. Eventually, all his brothers and sisters joined him there. We don't know when this happened. Learn more about James Owen.

9. William Bullock & Nancy Catherine Sweet

William married Nancy Catherine Sweet in 1853 and had seven children. The family lived and remained in the Sutton area of Quebec as well as in Vermont. One child moved to Connecticut.

Henry Warren Walston
Nancy Jane

Left: Headstone for William S. Bullock. Right: Headstone for Nancy K. Sweet. Both are in the Ruiter Settlement Cemetery in Dunkin, Potton, QC. Source: Findagrave Memorial# 29775602 and Findagrave Memorial# 29775570 respectively.

10. Leonard Bullock & Zermiah Kelley

Leonard married Zermiah Kelley in 1854. They moved to the Sutton area where they had seven children. Most of the family remained in the Sutton area of Quebec and in Vermont. A few moved to California, Utah and Washington.

Leonard Bullock

Headstone for Leonard Bullock and Zeruiah Kelley in the Fairmont Cemetery (aka the Fairmount Cemetery) in Sutton, Brome, QC. Photo by Robert Bullock.

11. Prentiss Sylvester Bullock & Catherine Pamela Kelley

Prentiss Sylvester married Catherine Pamela Kellyin Sutton, QC in 1856. They had six children. All but one of the six children were born in Sutton, QC. One, Edith, was born in Vermont near the Quebec border. Prentiss and Catherine both died and were buried in Jericho, VT. For the most part. the family remained in the this region of Vermont.

Prentiss Sylvester Bullock

Headstone for Prentiss Sylvester Bullock and Catherine Kelley with two of their children , Louise and Alma Martha, in the Pleasant View Cemetery in Jericho, Chittenden, VT. Source: Photo by Robert Bullock.

12. Mary Jane Bullock & Orlando Stever

Mary Jane married Orlando Stever. We don't know where or when. Their one daughter, Leafie Ann was born in Malone, NY in 1860. Mary Jane and Orlando died in California. Leafie Ann and her husband, Thomas Cleland, also appears to be raising a family in California. Details on this family are sketchy.

13. Benjamin Bullock & Eliza La Touche

Benjamin B. married Eliza La Touche about 1858. They raised three children in the Stanstead area. where the family has generally remained.

Benjamin B. Bullock
Nancy Jane

Headstone (above left) for Benjamin Bullock and (above right) for Louisa Latouche. Both are in the Marlington Cemetery, Marlington, Stanstead, QC Source: Findagrave Memorial# 54169016 and Findagrave Memorial# 54169222 respectively.

14. Nancy Jane Bullock & Henry Warren Walston

Nancy Jane "Jennie" had lost both her parents by the age of nine. According to her obituary, she was raised as the adopted daughter of the Daniel Salls family in the 1861 Canada East Census. Jennie married Henry Warren Walston in 1865. They moved to Algona, Kossuth, Iowa and where their five children were born. Most of the family remained in Iowa or nearby states. Learn more about, Nancy Jane.

Nancy Jane Bullock

Headstone for Nancy J. Bullock & two children in the Riverview Cemetery, Algona, Kossuth, IA. Source: Findagrave Memorial# 66280830.

15. George Lewis Bullock Reynolds & Lovissa Ann McGregor

George Lewis, Benjamin's youngest child, provides us with a sad family story. He was born in Clarenceville, QC, in 1844 and within five years, both his parents had died, leaving him an orphan. He was adopted by a family by the name of Reynolds about which we know nothing. There is strong evidence that this was a Benjamin Reynolds from the nearby town of Alburg, VT. You can view the 1860 Vermont Census here showing George Lewis as part of this family.

George Lewis also moved to Graniteville near Stanstead with the rest of the second family. We don't know when this happened. He married Gracie May Lovisa Ann McGregor. We don't know where or when the marriage took place. In 1888, at the age of 44, George Lewis Bullock was baptized a second time, changing his name to George Lewis Reynolds, taking the name of his adoptive parents. Most of his children were born and lived in the Stanstead area. A number moved to Massachusetts. Many of the Reynolds descendants whom we have met were not aware of this Bullock connection. Learn more about, George Lewis.

George Lewis Reynolds

Headstone for George Lewis Reynolds in Marlington Cemetery, Marlington, QC. Source: Photo by Robert Bullock.

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