James Owen Bullock

James Owen Bullock

By the time of the death of Benjamin (1845) and his second wife, Phoebe (1849), the children of Benjamin's first wife, Hannah, were all adults. Sally and Daniel, who were mentioned in Benjamin's will, were already in the United States and possibly never even came to Clarenceville. Cynthia had married John Fletcher and they had probably moved to Michigan. Henry married Laura Ann Tewksbury and they had probably gone to New Hampshire to live. It is quite probable, therefore, that only one child of Benjamin's first marriage, eldest son John, remained in Clarenceville at this time. John was married to Harriet Dent and their home was Clarenceville.

All evidence shows that in 1849 at Phoebe's death, all eight of the second family were probably in Clarenceville and their ages were 21, 19, 17, 15, 13, 11, 9, 4. Both their parents had passed away. None were married at this time. There is nothing to tell us who looked after the younger members of the family through this difficult period. In the 1851 and 1861 Canada East census, a Nancy Bullock, one of Phebe's children, is shown as part of the Daniel Salls household. The 1860 Vermont Census shows youngest child, George Lewis, with the family of Benjamin Reynolds in nearby Vermont who adopted him. In the spring of 1860, the second family, led by the eldest, James Owen Bullock, and his wife, Emily Almeda Wait, moved east to Stanstead crossing Lake Memphramagog to get there. In her book, The Genealogy of the James Owen Bullock Family, Enid Reed Elliott writes:

The following little bit of history was taken from the notes of Gladys Lee Reed,,, youngest daughter (of James Owen Bullock), and, because of her efforts, this genealogy was started...

James and Emily lived in Clarenceville, Quebec until the spring of 1860 when they decided to move to Stanstead County. This meant a trip of more than fifty miles to the east crossing Lake Memphramagog on the ice. They moved all their possessions on a double sled drawn by a pair of large work horses. It was well after dark when they arrived at the west side of the lake, their four children were asleep on the sled and they started across; about half way the horses suddenly stopped... they had come to open water! James then had to walk ahead, leading the horses and it was quite a distance up the lake before they found a safe place to cross, at Harvey's Bay. They settled on the east shore, (Cedarville) in a log cabin on a farm then owned by Elijah Reed, which they later bought. James was a blacksmith and a successful farmer. Here is a thought to ponder...Many of us reading this today would not have existed had this little family gone through the ice and drowned...James and Emily must have been terrified but were spared by their wonderfully wise horses - not everyone is as lucky.

St. George

The entire James Owen Bullock family with spouses and children outside the home of James Owen and Emily.

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James Owen Bullock Family

St. George

The family of James Owen Bullock and Emily Waite
on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary,January 20, 1901, Graniteville, Stanstead, QC,

Front row (l-r): James Owen and Emily Bullock (née Waite). Second row: Margaret Campbell (née Bullock), Euretta Rickard (née Bullock). Warren Bullock, Alvah Bullock and Effie Blake (née Bullock). Third row: Albert Bullock, Carrie Drown (née Bullock), Leafie Wilson (née Bullock) and Gladys Lee Reed (née Bullock).

From an examination of the records for the other members of Benjamin's second family, it is evident that all of them also made their way east from Clarenceville: William and Leonard ended up in Sutton, QC. Prentiss married in Sutton and eventually moved to Colchester, VT. Mary Jane married in California and ended up in Nebraska. Benjamin B. Bullock, the sixth child in the second family, remained in Graniteville, Stanstead, QC. Nancy married in Vermont and ended up in Algona, IA. Finally, George Lewis, the youngest, remained in Graniteville, Stanstead. In 1889, when he was baptising some of his children, George Lewis Bullock underwent a second baptism where he changed his name to Reynolds. His children were also baptized with the surname, Reynolds. Most of his children ended up in Massachusetts.

By 1860, it appears only one member of our Bullock family remained in Clarenceville. This was John of Benjamin's first family.

Thank You

Thank you to Enid Reed Elliot, granddaughter of James Owen Bullock, and author of The Genealogy of the James Owen Bullock Family, for providing me with these two family photos. Thank you as well to Carolyn Parent, another Bullock family genealogist, for arranging to get them to me.


1. The Genealogy of The James Owen Bullock Family by Enid Reed Elliot, 1989