Significant People, Places and Documents In Our Bullock Family

Family Documents

Benjamin Bullock's Land Lease: The lease for the lot in Noyan signed by Benjamin Bullock in 1819

Benjamin Bullock's Will: The will of our earliest ancestor prepared on December 19, 1845. Benjamin Bullock passed away on January 30, 1846.

John Bullock Petition For Guardianship: After the death of Benjamin Bullock in 1846 and Phebe Lewis in 1849, the children of Benjamin's second family were orphaned. John, Benjamin's eldest son from his first marriage with Hannah Danford, would have been 41 years old at the time. John Bullock petitioned for guardianship of his young siblings.

Stories of Our Bullock Ancestors

Access the article George Lewis Bullock Reynolds (Bullock): The fifteenth child of Benjamin Bullock, (the eighth with Phebe Lewis), who was adopted by a family named Reynolds when he was orphaned and eventually changed his name to Reynolds.

Access the article Nancy Jane "Jennie" Bullock: The twelfth child of Benjamin Bullock, (the seventh with Phebe Lewis), who lived with the family of Filer Salls when she was orphaned at the age of nine.

Access the article James Owen Bullock: Benjamin's eighth child, (the first and eldest with Phebe Lewis), who led the move of the second family from Clarenceville to Stanstead

Access the article Charles Edward Bullock: The mystery of my great-grandfather, Charles Edward Bullock. Where did he go and how did I track him down?

Significant People in Our Family

Access the article The Reverend Micajah Townsend: The Reverend Micajah Townsend was an important figure in the Bullock family history from the early 1800's till he retired in the 1870's.

Access the article Robert Scriver was a famous sculptor in Montana. He is the grandson of James A. Scriver and Mary Bullock. Learn more about him and his work: Wikipedia and Robert Macfie Scriver

Access the article

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St. George's Anglican Church: A history of the first church in Caldwell and Christie Manors.

The Lacolle Blockhouse: The Lacolle Blockhouse was part of the system of defense of Canada in the late 1700s to the mid-1800s. John Bullock, my gggrandfather, and his wife, Frances Adelia Mosher, purchased a piece of land in 1894 in Lacolle which included an old, historic blockhouse.