Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Margaret  13 Jun 1841Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I3630
2 ADAMS, Maria Jane  26 Sep 1843Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I3633
3 ADAMS, Nancy  2 Dec 1838Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I3626
4 BEERWORT, Arthur Herbert  11 May 1904Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1397
5 BEERWORT, Charlotte Eleanor  20 Nov 1838Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2297
6 BEERWORT, Elwood Herman  6 Aug 1902Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1396
7 BEERWORT, Eric Clifford  21 Dec 1928Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1399
8 BEERWORT, Harold Dunberry  23 May 1907Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1398
9 BEERWORT, Harriet Elizabeth  21 Nov 1872Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I200
10 BEERWORT, Myrtia Cornelia  22 Aug 1870Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I203
11 BEERWORTH, Grace Kathleen  10 Aug 1897Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1394
12 BREVOORT, Nancy Isabella  1 Apr 1839Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2291
13 BROWN, John S.  Abt 1890Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I3239
14 BULLIS, Myrtie May  14 Dec 1872Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1243
15 BULLOCK, Elizabeth  13 Nov 1813Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1077
16 BULLOCK, Euretta  17 Aug 1854Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I147
17 BULLOCK, Warren Benjamin  14 Jul 1856Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I149
18 CHILTON, Herbert Mortimer  2 Jun 1868Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I202
19 CHILTON, William Arlington  26 Mar 1867Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2357
20 CLARK, James Miller  Abt 1794Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2382
21 CURTIS, Gladys Gertrude  11 May 1906Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1519
22 CURTIS, Ruby May  14 Jul 1909Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1568
23 CURTIS, Stephen Palmer  Abt 1880Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1517
24 DENT, James  3 Jun 1832Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2290
25 DENT, John Burr  19 Apr 1841Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2285
26 DENT, William  2 Nov 1829Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2289
27 DREW, Eltie Elizabeth  14 Aug 1870Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2358
28 DREW, James Clement  Abt Jun 1868Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I3836
29 DUNBERRY, Annie Elizabeth  3 Apr 1868Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1348
30 MOSHER, Edwin Sawyer  25 Feb 1913Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I5487
31 REYNOLDS, George Lewis (Bullock)  4 May 1844Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I136
32 SCRIVER, Robert Elgin  25 Jan 1876Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I266
33 WAIT, Phoebe Melissa  28 Jan 1837Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I251
34 WILSON, Alta Dorothy  24 Aug 1932Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1508


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, David  5 Dec 1882Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1081
2 ADAMS, Margaret  16 Nov 1925Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I3630
3 ADAMS, Samuel Galias  10 Mar 1912Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I3623
4 ALLEN, Jane  2 Mar 1901Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1082
5 BEERWORT, Arthur Herbert  27 Oct 1962Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1397
6 BEERWORT, Harold Dunberry  4 Apr 1962Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1398
7 BEERWORT, James Clifford  26 Sep 1947Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1395
8 BEERWORT, John  17 Dec 1882Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1362
9 BEERWORT, John Herman  23 Feb 1931Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1347
10 BEERWORT, Myrtia Cornelia  19 Feb 1871Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I203
11 BIERWIRTH, Johannes "John"  1840Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2683
12 BLOOD, Eliza  1876Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I3620
13 BULLIS, Gertrude Alice  23 Apr 1979Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1499
14 BULLOCK, Benjamin  29 Oct 1931Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I207
15 BULLOCK, Hannah Elizabeth  27 Feb 1890Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I114
16 BULLOCK, Ina Viola  17 Dec 1960Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I97
17 BULLOCK, Irene Maud  25 Nov 1930Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I220
18 BULLOCK, John  12 Jan 1890Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I107
19 BULLOCK, Lloyd Heber  15 Aug 1978Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I214
20 CHILTON, Herbert Mortimer  20 Jun 1952Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I202
21 CHILTON, William Arlington  1 Aug 1867Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2357
22 CLARK, Clarrisa Minerva  26 Jan 1855Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2356
23 CLARK, Miranda  25 Oct 1873Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2362
24 DENT, Harriet Marie Henrietta  6 Feb 1890Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I106
25 DERICK, Mary Elizabeth  29 Jul 1933Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1391
26 DERICK, Nancy Elizabeth  19 May 1931Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I208
27 DREW, Clement  4 May 1888Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I3618
28 DREW, Theodore  22 Sep 1872Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2250
29 DUNBERRY, Annie Elizabeth  23 Feb 1937Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1348
30 MACFIE, Laura Ellison  10 Dec 1930Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I219
31 MCVICKER, William  16 Jun 1863Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2246
32 MILLER, Donald Frederick  22 Nov 1985Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I99
33 MILLER, Frederick Edwin  21 Dec 1955Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I98
34 MOSHER, John Harrington  12 Jun 1932Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I256
35 OSBORNE, Elizabeth Jemima  10 Jun 1891Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1896
36 SCRIVER, Lavinia  5 Nov 1853Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2020


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BEERWORT, Myrtia Cornelia  20 Feb 1871Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I203
2 BULLOCK, Elizabeth  30 Oct 1867Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1077
3 CHILTON, William Arlington  2 Aug 1867Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2357
4 CLARK, Samuel Orson  4 Dec 1883Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1078
5 CLARK, William George  1 Oct 1884Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2253
6 HORDLEY, Frederick Edward  4 Apr 1885Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1349


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    BAPT    Person ID 
1 BEERWORT, Charlotte Eleanor  6 Jan 1840Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2297
2 BEERWORTH, Grace Kathleen  1 Mar 1898Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I1394
3 BREVOORT, Nancy Isabella  12 Jul 1840Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC I2291