Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church)



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    BAPT    Person ID 
1 BEERWORT, Harriet Elizabeth  1 Nov 1874Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I200
2 BEERWORT, James Elvin  14 May 1857Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I988
3 BEERWORT, John Herman  10 Apr 1863Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I1347
4 BEERWORT, Myrtia Cornelia  4 Sep 1870Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I203
5 BULLOCK, Charles Edward  5 Jul 1868Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I62
6 BULLOCK, Ina Viola  9 Nov 1881Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I97
7 BULLOCK, Margaret Alice  4 Sep 1853Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I145
8 BULLOCK, Wilfred Marcus  23 Jul 1873Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I112
9 BULLOCK, Winifred May  2 Sep 1878Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I104
10 BULLOCK, Winnefred Martha “Winnie”  23 Jul 1873Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I110
11 CHILTON, Herbert Mortimer  28 Jun 1873Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I202
12 CLARK, William George  22 Jul 1862Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I2253
13 CURTIS, Gladys Gertrude  5 Dec 1907Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I1519
14 CURTIS, Ruby May  2 Feb 1910Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I1568
15 DERICK, William James  6 Sep 1910Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I67
16 DREW, Eltie Elizabeth  5 Nov 1870Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I2358
17 MACFIE, Ellison Westgarth  20 Jun 1888Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I1862
18 MCVICKER, Marvin Edgar  22 Jul 1862Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I1897
19 MCVICKER, Samuel Marvin  9 Jul 1857Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I3179
20 MILLER, Donald Frederick  26 Dec 1904Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I99
21 MILLER, Doris Francis  28 Dec 1907Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I100
22 MILLER, Edwin John  1 Jan 1923Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I70
23 MILLER, Ethel Winnifred  31 Dec 1884Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I2957
24 MILLER, Frederick Edwin  1 Oct 1876Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I98
25 MILLER, Grace Dorothy Irene  30 Nov 1907Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I215
26 MILLER, Jane Crawford  23 Aug 1913Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I68
27 MILLER, Louise Danford  30 Mar 1912Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I66
28 SCRIVER, Edward Julius  10 Apr 1863Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I206
29 SCRIVER, Eileen  3 Nov 1909Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I1628
30 SCRIVER, Emery Thadeus  21 Nov 1879Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I265
31 SCRIVER, Robert Elgin  3 Oct 1876Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I266


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    FNRL    Person ID 
1 BEERWORT, Myrtia Cornelia  20 Feb 1871Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I203
2 BEERWORT, William Clark  2 Jul 1898Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I201
3 BULLOCK, Benjamin  1 Feb 1846Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I118
4 BULLOCK, David Edward  25 Mar 1884Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I232
5 BULLOCK, Elizabeth  30 Oct 1867Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I1077
6 BULLOCK, Susan Thompson  14 May 1891Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I113
7 CLARK, Samuel Orson  4 Dec 1883Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I1078
8 CLARK, William George  1 Oct 1884Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I2253
9 DREW, Clement  5 May 1888Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I3618
10 DREW, James Clement  12 Aug 1868Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I3836
11 DREW, Theodore  24 Sep 1872Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I2250
12 LEWIS, Phebe  18 Dec 1849Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I123
13 MCVICKER, William  18 Jun 1863Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I2246
14 SCRIVER, Griffith  18 Dec 1893Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) I2018


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEERWORT / BULLIS  15 Feb 1923Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) F545
2 BREVOORT / BULLOCK  20 Jun 1859Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) F54
3 BULLIS / MANDIGO  30 Jan 1872Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) F539
4 BULLOCK / WAIT  20 Jan 1851Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) F59
5 CHILTON / BEERWORT  8 Jun 1892Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) F99
6 DREW / CLARK  27 Mar 1867Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) F1568
7 MILLER / BULLOCK  25 Sep 1901Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) F45
8 SALLS / CURTIS  15 Aug 1920Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) F3207
9 SALLS / WAIT  7 Feb 1853Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) F721
10 SCRIVER / DERICK  14 Jan 1903Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) F130
11 TOWER / CLARK  21 Aug 1864Clarenceville, Missisquoi, QC (Methodist Church) F1567