Maurice Dallas of Middlesex, Westminster, London

Early History

My Dallas family roots go back to Maurice Dallas, born on 28 Oct 1821 in Middlesex, Westminster, London, England. He was the son of Robert Dallas and Martha. Maurice married Martha Keynes on 11 Apr 1842 in St. Luke Anglican Church in St. Luke, Islington, London, England. Martha was the daughter of Richard Keynes and Martha Gregory. Their daughter, Martha, was born in Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England abt 1825. Maurice & Martha had twelve children. The family eventually moved to Montréal.


Maurice Dallas & Martha Keynes
Marriage of the earliest of my Dallas line

Children of Maurice Dallas & Martha Keynes

Maurice & Martha had twelve children all born in England. Mary Ann was born 27 Dec 1843 in All Hallows, Staining, London. Maurice Walter was born abt 1844. Alice was born 20 Dec 1846 at Lying-in hospital, City Road, London. Susannah was born 1847 in St. Lukes, Middlesex. Louisa was born abt 1851 in London. Richard Gregory was born 15 Jun 1852 in Finsbury, St. Thomas, Charterhouse. John William was born 6 Nov 1854 in Bethnal Green, London. Grace Alice was born 17 Nov 1857 in Islington, London. George Albert Frederick was born 22 Feb 1860 in Finsbury, Middlesex. Maurice Walter was born 15 Oct 1862 in St. Finsbury, St. Thomas, Charterhouse. Martha Minnie was born 12 Mar 1865 in Shoreditch, St. Leonard. Antonia Louisa was born in 1868.

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St. Luke Anglican Church in London

St. Luke

Finsbury St. Luke Old Street Anglican Church in London
The church where Maurice Frederick Dallas and Martha Keynes were married.
Source: Wikimedia Commons;

The church is sited on Old Street, north of the City of London. It was built to relieve the City church of St Giles-without-Cripplegate, Cripplegate,under the Commission for Building Fifty New Churches, an attempt to meet the religious needs of London's burgeoning 18th-century population. The ancient parish of St Giles lay partly within the City and partly outside its boundaries in Middlesex: under the Commissioners' scheme these two parts were to be separated, with the Middlesex portion (historically the Manor of Finsbury, becoming a new parish of St Luke's. Construction began in 1727 and was completed in 1733, when the church was consecrated on 18 October (St Luke's day), and the parish detached from that of St Giles. Source: Wikipedia

The Dallas Family Today

Maurice and Martha as well as some of his children emigrated to Canada. Some of the children of Maurice Dallas & Martha Keynes remained in England. Of those coming to Canada, most lived and remained in Montreal.

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Middlesex County, the historic county in southeast England which lies within the boundaries of greater London where my great-grandfather, George Albert Frederick Dallas, and his siblings were born .