The Family of George Albert Frederick Dallas & Catherine Revell

My Montreal Dallas Connection

My My great-grandfatherGeorge Albert Frederick Dallas, was born on 22 Feb 1860 in Finsbury, Middlesex, London, England. He was the son of Maurice Dallas and Martha Keynes. George married Catherine Revell on 4 Oct 1881 in St. George Anglican Church in Montreal. Catherine was the daughter of Nicholas Revil and Eleanor Evoy. Their daughter, Martha, was born in Tinnarath, Wexford, Ireland on 5 Mar 1854. I have no information about how or when Catherine came to Canada.

George Dallas & Catherine Revell

My great-grandparents, George Albert Frederick Dallas & Catherine Revill
This is the only photo we have of my great-grandparents.

Children of George Dallas & Catherine Revell

George & Catherine had eight children all born in Montreal. Alice Myra was born 16 Jul 1883. John William Albert was born 20 Dec 1885. George Frederick was born 3 Sep 1888. Henry Alexander "Harry" was born 1847 in St. Lukes, Middlesex. Louisa was born 4 Oct 1890. Martha Violet was born 15 Oct 1894. Maude Lilian was born 15 Apr 1895. Mildred Lilian was born 15 Apr 1898. William "Bill" was born 18 Jun 1900.

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St. George Anglican Church in Montreal

St. George

St. George Anglican Church in Montréal
The church where George Alfred Frederick Dallas and Catherine Revell were married.
Source: SiDiego Delso,, License CC-BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

George Dallas & Catherine Revell Marriage Record

George Dallas & Catherine Revell Marriage Record

St. George Episcopal Church
The earliest church in the Manors which played a big role in the lives of our ancestors.

The Dallas Family Today

George and Catherine made their lives with their family in Montreal. My grandmother, Martha Violet Dallas, married Hubert Leigh Bullock. They began their life in Montreal. However, Hubert Leigh's job took them to Ottawa where they made their home and where they raised their family

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Middlesex County, the historic county in southeast England which lies within the boundaries of greater London where my great-grandfather, George Albert Frederick Dallas, and his siblings were born .

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George Albert Frederick Dallas my great-grandfather.