The Family of Onésime Monette & Hectorine Bourgouin

My Monette Connection in Ottawa

Monette Family

The Family of Onésime & Hectorine Bourgouin
Standing in the back row (l-r): Napoléon, Antoinette (my grandmother), Albert, Blanche & Armand
Sitting in the middle row (l-r): Onésime (father), Gustave, Thérèse, Édouard, Armandine & Hectorine (mother)
Kneeling in front: Georgeline

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Onésime (Father)    Hectorine (Mother)    Armandine    Edouard    Thérèse    Napoléon    Armand

Gustave    Albert    Blanche    Antoinette    Georgeline    Jeanne    Emilien    Adrienne

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History of Onésime Monette & Hectorine Bourguoin

Onésime & Hectorine were both born in Montréal where they met and married on the 26 Nov 1872 at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montréal. Their first eight children were born in Montréal. In the late 1880s, they moved to St. Boniface, Manitoba where they stayed for three or four years. They had returned to Montréal by 1892 when Jeanne Berthe was born April 30. They remained in Montréal until the early 1900's when the entire family moved to Ottawa where most of them remained and spent the rest of their lives.

Onésime & Hectorine Funeral Cards

Onesime Monette

Onésime Monette

Hectorine Bourgouin

Hectorine Bourgouin