Édouard Monette: An Iconic Ottawa Builder

A Brief History of How I Learned About Édouard Monette


Édouard Monette
Photo in the 21 Oct 1932 Ottawa Citizen

Édouard Monette is my great-uncle; my grandmother Antoinette's brother. He died before I was born. My grandmother rarely spoke about her siblings of which she had many. It was only when I began researching my extended family tree did I learn that she was one of ten in her family. And it was only then did I learn about Édouard and his outstanding contribution as a builder in Ottawa. His father, Onésime, was a bricklayer, and Édouard and his brother, Napoléon, followed in their father's footsteps.

Édouard passed away at the relatively young age of 57 years. It was only when I found his obituary did I learn of the significance and importance of his contribution to building well-known structures in the City of Ottawa. His funeral was a major event in the city in 1932 and reflects his stature as an important builder of our city.

The pinnacle of his career has to be the construction of St. François D'Assise (St. François d'Assise) Catholic Church on Wellington. Now, whenever I pass this impressive structure on Wellington Street, I am reminded of the Edouard Monette, my great-uncle and the significant structures he built which formed an important part of our history growing up the City of Ottawa.

Ottawa Citizen Report on Edouard Monette's Funeral

Édouard Monette
Report on Edouard Monette's Funeral
in the 24 Oct 1932 Ottawa Citizen

Obituary 2

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Report of Edouard Monette's Death

Obituary 2

Édouard Monette
Report of Edouard Monette's Death
in the 21 Oct 1932 Ottawa Journal

St. François d'Assise Church on Wellington Street in Ottawa

St. Franç&ccedilois d'Assise

St. Francois d'Assise Church on Wellington Street in Ottawa, ON
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Links to Other Edouard Monette Buildings

  • The Champagne Bath: where most people in Lowertown Ottawa learned to swim. Classes at York Street School went there for regular swimming lessons.

  • Plant Bath: Located on the corner of Somerset and Preston Streets. It was refurbished in 2000 and continues to serve the community as a recreation centre